Fall Season Prompt


Attention writers! I would personally like to issue a prompt to help with your creativity/writing. I want you to have fun with it. It can be a short story, it can be a poem, a children’s book idea, or even the start to actual novel you would like to write.


  • The prompt is: Halloween
  • Due date: October 31st
  • Word Count: Any

You can posted it on your blog or email it to me if you would like.

L. R. Mauck

Weekend Challenge #23

challengeChoose your profession or a dream job and give a brief scenario of a plot surrounding the job. You can do any genre you would like.

For example: A murder mystery surrounding a bakery. A Chef discovers a rare chocolate. The chef proceeds to use it on the best choice of treats. However, when the rare chocolate is mixed with baking soda, it creates a strong poison.

Weekend Challenge #20

challengeTo related with my other post today (What’s in a Name?), I would like this challenge to make you think a bit more.

For your current WIP or a story you are thinking of, chose one of your characters and tell me why you named your character as such. Does their name relate to the story? A physical or personality trait? ect.

My current WIP has a sub-character that will influence the main character throughout the story. I chose to name him “Harrow”. Harrow means to “cause distress to”. He will be a father-like figure to the main character but his own views of the world they live in is of a twisted and hurtful nature. So, his guidance to the main character will cause distress.

Also, I was busy last Friday and away from computers and internet access, so there was no Weekend Challenge #19.

Weekend Challenge #18

This weekend, I’m giving you a word prompt.

The word: storm

I want you to tell me what storm means to you, or use it as a description (e.i. stormy eyes, or storm clouds approached), or in a poem, or even just a sentence from your WIP. The word itself can be storm, rain, thunder, etc.

With the recent hurricane in Texas and the flooding as it makes its way up the country, I know the devastation is in the forefront of our minds. As writers, it’s easier to get our thoughts and feelings recorded on paper.


L. R. Mauck

Weekend Challenge #16

Picture writing prompt: goblet



Use this goblet as an idea for a plot key in a story.


  • Fantasy – this is the goblet that anything poured within it whether wine or water, will allow the drinker a window into their future
  • Romance – this goblet was at an antique store that a woman really wanted it for her museum but the male owner couldn’t part with it because it had been in his family for centuries.
  • Historical – this is the goblet that one of King Author’s knights left behind at the round table.
  • Murder/Mystery – this is the goblet that held the poison that killed the unsuspecting victim.

Have fun with it and get creative.

L. R. Mauck


Weekend Challenge #14

challengeThis is not so much a challenge, but an exercise to push your knowledge for your characters and see the web writers weave.

Topic: Pick your favorite book and select a minor sub character to interview.

Example: Percy Weasley from the Harry Potter series, Lydia Bennet from Pride and Prejudice, or even chose a good characters who end up evil like Saruman in Lord of the Rings.

Example questions:

  • Author
  • Book title
  • Character name
  • Relationship to main character
  • Age
  • Profession (if any)
  • How does character relate to the plot?
  • How does character’s path cross main character’s?
  • Personality growth or change
  • What is their ending? Good/Bad?
  • Love interest?
  • Personal conflict?


I’ve found that many memorial books also have complex sub characters. Use this information / exercise to think more deeply about your own story.

L. R. Mauck