Small Personal Update


Thank you to all the followers and viewers. I was blown away when this fourth month old blog went over 100 visitors last month and I can’t thank you enough.

I must apologize for posting sparingly for last week, this week and probably weeks to come. My schedule has become increasingly busy and I’ve taken on a 3rd (part time) job as a chef at a candy shop (so excited that I get paid to play). My writing is suffering as well. I did put in a few hours last night editing, but no new writing for a while now. I hope that once my schedule gets a little bit more routine that I can get back to my stories. They keep playing out in my head, so I really wish to have them on paper soon.

I wish you all well with your writing and to keep with my motto: Keep learning, keep writing.

L. R. Mauck


My Ramblings

Update on my novel – I have a few queries  send out currently. I need to submit more and will try to this week. However, I’m still editing while going through the book again. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to declare it prefect, but that’s just me. I always find flaws in my work regardless of it being a craft, painting, or my writing.

On a positive note: a 13 year old girl I know, told me she loved the book so far. She started reading it back in December when she was 12 and loved it then, but her family moved and she lost the file. She asked for a new copy. I waited until I finished another revision on it before emailing it to her a week and a half ago. She told me twice since then that she really loves it and as of yesterday, she’s nearly finished already. She is the youngest of the five people who have read it and liked it. That’s a nice confidence boost.

The story idea I wrote about on Wednesday last week, I’m still piecing that together. I have the character’s name, some background information, plot idea and two big twists to the story thought out, but for some reason a lovely writers block has formed preventing me from actually starting the book. I’ll get there. Just like with any of my writer blocks, I’ve got to think it through more and force myself to write through it. I know that once I get started officially (rather than just jotting down notes), it’ll go smoothly.

I hope everyone else has made progress on your writings this past weekend. Remember to keep writing. That is the only way you will better your craft and explore and push your boundaries.

L. R. Mauck

Write Outside Your Comfort Zone

writeI’m a big believer in writing stories or ideas outside of my own comfort zone. I’ve tried different genres over the years from fantasy to romance to middle school aged mystery book to Native American historical fiction. I’ve even toyed on writing a suspense thriller story, but it’s too close to home for me at the moment and I don’t want to jeopardize any legal issues that might occur in the future.

A new story idea came to me last week. The more I thought about it the more I want to expand my writing. I’ve written fantasy that borders on realism in the past. I’ve not really ever done high fantasy before. I typically shy away from high fantasy, believing that dragons, wizards, and the good vs evil plot has been done too many times before. So, I’m considering to tactical the high fantasy element but go with a twist. Instead of writing from the good guys perspective, I’m thinking of writing a dark high fantasy. I’m still in the thinking phase. My main character is there and named, but I don’t have the rest figured out yet. I’ll post updates on it if I start writing it.

My suggestion to you is to get out of your comfort zone. Write something that you have never tried before. And when you start writing, think of a different angle, one that may seem daunting to you. I like challenges because they can test your thinking abilities and your creativity. If whatever you’re working on doesn’t pan out, that’s okay. It may inspire other ideas or at least it will give you a new level of knowledge for you skills. Always keep writing. Never stop learning.

L. R. Mauck

If I’m Being Honest…

This is my acceptance of my weekend challenge. I’m not really satisfied with it, but I wrote it after hearing about an online bullying incident of a friend. By my own personal rule, I stay out of hot topics online.


If I’m being honest…


If I’m being honest…

I’d say I’m trapped in a parade.

Always presenting an outside life.

Walking an endless charade,

Along the edge of the world’s strife.


If I’m being honest…

I hold back what I yearn to say.

I wish to take up my sword

And run into the fray.

Never to turn back, but always towards.


If I’m being honest…

I’d admit I’m scared,

And I’ll bite my lip.

Instead of facing the feared

I’ll give them the slip.


If I’m being honest…

I’d tell them they’re the cowards

For hiding behind computer screens

And using anonymity’s rewards

To say things cruel and mean.


If I’m being honest…

One voice shares an opinion

Only to be torn down

By family, friends, or Satan’s minion

Who laugh as the innocent frown.


If I’m being honest…

I’d say I’m tired of the fighting.

We’re all humans, living together,

Why are we still bickering?

There’s more important things to weather.


If I’m being honest…

We should use this passion

For things that really matter

Like against slavery, hunger, destruction

Abuse, hate, and murder.


If I’m being honest…

I’d shout to the world

That we need to be in alignment.

But because of the harsh online world

My message will remain silent.


L. R. Mauck

Personal Update

Hello. I just personally want to take a moment and thank all of you who have followed me – both here on the blog and on twitter. I’ve been amazed over the last few months with the responses I’ve received and the encouragement from other writers. Thank you. It has truly been an uplifting experience.

End of June, I joined a website called “Camp NaNoWriMo”. It’s to encourage writers to achieve a set goal of word count for a particular month. Sadly, I’ve not hit my 20,000 words of which I thought would be easily obtainable. However, this month got incredibly busy that I’ve found I’m too exhausted to write in the evenings. Plus, there was a “writer’s block” last week that I could not get passed until I got some research done for the book. I wrote a little bit this weekend but spent more time playing solitaire on the computer with my book in the background. With the research accomplished, I hope to get back at it this week. I doubt I’ll hit the 20,000 words, but I’ll aim for at least 5,000 this month.

My book/agency update: Sadly, I must have received my first rejection. The agency never contacted me back. BUT I am not disheartened. I went back through the first few chapters and saw a bunch of mistakes. So, I can’t blame them. It was pretty poor of me to submit that when I didn’t read back over my changes. At the conference I learned a lot of what to do and not to do. So, I did a very quick rewrite of my first three chapters and submitted it. This one was my fault and I take full blame. I have since fixed the errors and sent queries off to two more agencies. One I might hear back in two weeks and the other is a month. I know I will not succeed in the first hand full of attempts. So, I’ll keep pressing on.

To writers out there: Never give up. This is your dream. Just like actors, athletes, artists, and musicians – you must practice your craft and work to achieve your dream.

L. R. Mauck

One More Light has gone out.

lpMy little world just got shaken. There are no words to describe the heartache and disbelief at the moment. Back in 2001 I heard a song that knocked me back and completely changed my view on music. I was 16 and in the middle of my N’Sync era. Linkin Park’s song “In The End” went mainstream and was featured on the TRL count down. I truly had never heard a voice like Chester Bennington’s before. His range was simply amazing. He could hold strong notes for multiple beats. He could  easily transition from singing to hard core rock. But more so, he put himself completely into the words of the songs. You could feel and connect to the songs on an emotional level. I have followed the band for years and truly love how they have been able to capture a unique sound and enjoyed watching and hearing their growth as musicians, standing the test of time. Each member has something, irreplaceable, to offer to the band: Mike, Dave, Rob, Brad, Joe, and Chester.

Linkin Park has very much shaped my life. They were there for me to listen to for my commute, they were there through my breakups, they were there for inspiration. Much of my writing has been influenced by them, whether it was by study of their lyrics and model characters after the band members, or by listening to their music for hours while writing.

To Chester Bennington’s family, friends, and the band: I can never dream of what you are experiencing right now. He’s left so many people behind that care for him. I hope you all will be able to honor his memory as you find your way through this tragedy. You are in my thoughts and prayers. He inspired so many, and I’m grateful that I count myself with those who feel the same.


To all of you who struggle with suicidal thoughts, there is help. If you ever need someone to reach out to: please call National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).
If you feel uncomfortable speaking to a stranger – then talk to a close friend, a family member, even your doctor. There is help. You are NOT alone.

Whatever is going on around you that is dragging you down, look to the things that hold you up. You can get through this. You can survive. Be that example to others. Show them your strength. Rise above it. You can do it. I have faith in you.

“One More Light” is out.